KAM TOITURES inc. was founded in 2012 by Sébastien Boire. Today, the family business of Gatineau has 24 employees specializing in residential roofing and insulation. Do business with trusted roofers in your area, choose KAM TOITURES.

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Whether for commercial roof repairs, repairing your industrial roof or for a new roofing project, we will be able to guide you and find the solution to your problem.

A flat roof doesn’t give up its secrets easily. To get a good look at it and inspect its condition, you have only one option, and that’s to move to a high vantage point – ... Read more
Sooner or later, every roof covering will need replacing. But too often, homeowners find themselves complaining about “extras” on the roofer’s final bill: additional charges for corrective work that wasn’t mentioned in the estimate. Topping ... Read more