For KAM Toitures, your roof and attic insulation is one of the very important elements that are necessary to have a roof that protects you well. We all know that heat goes up, therefore if your roof isn’t well insulated, you will lose massive amounts of energy and your hydro bills (heat and air conditioning) will be equally as massive.


Also, we mustn’t neglect our roof ventilation, because if it (or the roof insulation) is poorly done, it can cause ice to form inside, water to leak, or damage your property structure and cause very high repair costs.


Preparing and applying insulation on a roof or an attic must be done by pros because it can be a challenge with roofs that have complex geometric configurations or several floors. It is very important that temperature be the same everywhere and there would be no energy loss.


Roof insulation is not very visible to the naked eye, that’s why it is highly recommended to hire trusty people like KAM Toitures to do this kind of work and make sure that it is done professionally to avoid bad surprises in the future.