Metallic Roof

Metallic Roofs have been part of Quebec Province’s history for hundreds of years. Some ancestral homes still have metallic roofs today, which allowed them to survive for centuries and extreme Quebec winter cold. It’s proof that metallic roofs last for a long time.


Metallic tile panels combine elegance and sustainability and are perfect for most sloping roofs. Nowadays, this more traditional-looking coating use state-of-the-art technology and is vey resilient to weather such as UV rays, snow, rain, or wind.


Many Colours to Choose From for a Unique Style


The wide variety of products and colours that KAM Toitures can offer allow you to harmonize your roof to the rest of your property and its surroundings. The metallic tile panels are cut at an optimal length to minimize losses and greatly reduce the price of your metallic roof.

The considerable expertise of our roofers, at KAM Toitures, to install metallic roofs has allowed us to work on projects large and small, but always while getting the biggest satisfaction from our customers.

For a unique and sustainable style that pairs well with the environment, a metallic roof will protect your property for many years to come.