Snow Removal

Quebec winters are very hard on our house roofs. Freezing, thawing, snow accumulation, and ice often are major causes of water infiltration on the roof. The weight of ice and snow can even make the roof cave in and cause major damage to your property. Removing the snow from your roof is a task that is not to be taken for granted.


Professionals recommend to remove the snow from our roof as soon as there are 24 inches (61 centimetres) of it. With “mild spells”, snow can become ice. When this happens, water goes up under the shingles.


Removing Snow Must Be Done By Pros


Many people try to DIY snow removal on their roofs, but it is risky, especially if you have neither the expertise nor the equipment for it. Every winter, accidents are reported, and that’s not even counting all the irreversible damage done to the roof.

KAM Toitures’ snow removal service is done by experts with great attention to detail. Our snow removal experts use professional supplementary equipment to safely remove the snow and ice from your roof, no matter how inclined your roof is.

If you need to remove the snow from your roof, don’t take any risks – ask KAM Toitures!


Why You Should Consider To Ask Us To Remove The Snow From Your Roof:


  • Give more life to your roof
  • Maintain the safety of your roof
  • Minimise accident risks
  • Identify potential issues
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Very inexpensive, and can avoid big expenses